Economic Development

Our Economic Development services are available for communities and organizations to compile information, organize application efforts and increase the likelihood of receiving funding.

Examples of programs available include: Brownfields, Shovel Ready, and EDA. All programs are set in place to revitalize or otherwise improve existing structures, encourage redevelopment and lead to economic growth in communities. 

SIRPC’s economic development team stands ready to assist the region’s communities and organizations in attracting investment to our region.  Whether it be collaborating and supporting the efforts of our local economic development organizations or providing the research and project development skills needed for attracting grants and loans, the professional skills of the SIRPC team will help move your project forward.

As the economic needs of the region’s communities change, our team is constantly upgrading our skills in adapting to serving new and changing needs.  Currently, in addition to project development and finance assistance, SIRPC is engaged in the development and accessibility of broadband as well as economic resiliency. For more information, contact us!

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Broadband Development 
& Accessibility

The lack of adequate broadband and digital inclusion has plagued both rural and urban areas alike and provided an impediment to development.  Partnering with numerous state and local stakeholders, SIRPC is working to define solutions to help address this urgent need.

Through multiple ongoing broadband initiatives backed by federal or state funding, the SIRPC team capitalizes on a unique opportunity to facilitate regional teamwork to address issues impacting the development of the region’s communities.

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EDA & Economic Resiliency Planning

In response to the COVID-19 crisis, SIRPC and the Economic Development Administration entered into a planning partnership designed to strengthen the future economic vitality of the SIRPC development district. The economic resiliency plan outlines strategies to build economic resiliency and organizational capacity for supporting communities. Each county in SIRPC's development district is unique, but many weaknesses and strengths are similar across the region, and with collaboration from members in each community, economic development can thrive throughout Southeastern Indiana. 

SIRPC Economic Resiliency Dashboard

Economic Resiliency "What-If - Tool"

Revive! An economic resiliency strategy

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We are working to achieve a better Southeast Indiana through regional collaboration. By working together, we will compete for Indiana Economic Development Corporation’s Regional Economic Acceleration and Development Initiative (READI).

READI funds have presented us with an opportunity to accelerate talent attraction by community reinvestment. Together, our regions are working toward a better future. In an unprecedented regional movement Southeastern Indiana, cities, towns, and counties are joining forces to streamline our process in order to better secure state funding.

Used in the most effective way possible, these funds would provide an opportunity for economic growth and talent attraction leading to talent retention in Indiana. We want our valued residents to call Indiana home for years to come.

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A brownfield is a property that is difficult to develop because it is contaminated or believed to be contaminated.  A brownfield could be an abandoned gas station, old and unused schools and hospitals, dilapidated shopping centers, abandoned dry cleaners and restaurants, agricultural sites, and of course former industrial sites.

The economic, social and environmental benefits of brownfields redevelopment are important to consider in economic and community development and quality of life.

If you have a brownfield in your community that has the potential for redevelopment, expansion or reuse, there may be funding assistance available via the Indiana Finance Authority.

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